When Stephen started helping me find my dream home, I was looking at condos within a specific building. He went ABOVE AND BEYOND from day one. Stephen was able to get the Senior Leader for the Developer to show me every single(!) available unit in the building (and there were a lot!). Because of this, I got expert answers to all of my questions, and then Stephen himself asked all the questions I didn’t know to ask. Even though Stephen likely already knew the answers (b/c he’s such an expert himself), he made sure that I was informed and heard everything first-hand. Stephen handled everything for me expertly and efficiently, making sure my attorney was involved as well. He saved me many many MANY headaches and kept me sane throughout everything. Stephen was honest, realistic, and PROACTIVE. He saw signs that my closing might fall through, so he sought out other condos that he knew I’d like. Everything he showed me was right on par with price, location, and amenities. He even made sure that the parking spaces would be convenient with my large SUV! At the last minute, the deal on my original condo went through, and Stephen was even able to get me a parking space which was not originally not part of the deal! He saw me though every step of the sales process and answered all of my questions promptly with expert knowledge. He was realistic about everything, never misleading me. So now I’ve been in my condo for four months and couldn’t be happier! All because of Steve. He is hands down the best agent I could imagine. ADDED BONUS: Stephen has a fantastic home decorating sense and advice!

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