Logan Square

Recognized as one of the most happening neighborhoods in the country, this thriving community was named after John A. Logan, the Union Army general who settled here (and established Memorial Day, so you can thank him for that three-day weekend every year). Logan Square really started to take shape in the mid-18th century when wealthy immigrants—who were not welcome on the affluent South Shore—hired local laborers to build their stately mansions. Over the years, the laborers built bungalows for themselves, and later immigrants added multi-unit apartment buildings to the mix of diverse housing options.

The Square itself sits in the middle of a traffic circle at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Kedzie and Logan Boulevards. Specifically, along the Boulevard, you’ll find wide streets with lush green spaces separating ornate houses and breathtaking grey stones from the busy main drags.

If you are looking for food, drinks, and entertainment, a quick stroll down any of the major thoroughfares will present you more acclaimed, delicious and fun options than you can imagine.

Patio dining abounds in Logan Square. From Michelin-starred restaurants that feature seasonal menu changes and farm-to-table ingredients, to fantastic fried chicken and comfort food, to hole-in-the-wall noodle joints, Logan Square has you covered. And new spots are popping up all the time. Or, if you want to cook for yourself and friends, the weekly famous Logan farmer’s market will have you serving up delicious creations featuring local fare.

The historic and renovated Logan Theater has all of your film needs covered, from blockbusters to short-run art films and even the Chicago Underground Film Festival. They also have a lounge, so your drink needs covered, too. Logan Square Auditorium and the annual Arts Festival bring in big name, headlining musicians and there are plenty of bars and cafes that host local bands, open mic nights, and readings to keep you connected to the community and beyond.

Interspersed throughout are boutiques for clothes, shoes and housewares, from eclectic to upscale.

Logan Square is an affordable, urban neighborhood that families, young professionals, and first-time city dwellers can take advantage of, everyone building their own experience with the expanse of options available. Just five miles from downtown, and with two Blue Line “L” stops nearby, it might be time for you to head over and see what all the buzz is about!

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