Lincoln Park

Once a very hot area for young, urban professionals, Lincoln Park has also become a great place for families to settle down. When you consider all there is for families to do, in just its namesake park alone, it makes perfect sense. Lincoln Park is not only the largest park in Chicago, but it comes with beaches, a bird sanctuary, boating facilities, botanical gardens, fields for all sorts of ball sports, golf courses, horseback riding, playgrounds, and of course the public zoo. (Yeah, it’s a big park.)

Walking inland, you’ll be treated to row after row of stately brown and graystones and intricate, antique architecture reinforcing Lincoln Park’s toney reputation. And, the high-end retail stores and boutiques lining the main thoroughfares only add to the posh vibe.

DePaul University’s main campus is also here, and while their turn of the 20th century building fit the community’s mold perfectly, the energy and diversity of its student body bring welcome fresh air and life to the neighborhood. Add to that, for every high-end home goods store there is a bookstore or curio shop.

With so many different people and tastes catered to in the neighborhood, it’s not surprising that there is a lot of it going on here. The food scene runs the gamut from Michelin-starred eateries, long-time neighborhood favorites, and even late-night greasy spoons; take your pick. All of the menu choices serve you well before (and/or after) a night out and about. Lincoln Park is home to two very different, and very world-renowned theaters in both Second City and Steppenwolf. Feeling like movin’ and groovin’? Area music venues bring nationally touring acts to you, and nightclubs that cater to students and locals abound.

Lincoln Park also has lots of great options when it comes to getting around. With Lakeshore Drive and the Lakefront Trail close by, Lincoln Park adds the full suite of CTA service which means three “L” stops across three different lines and buses that run like clockwork across all the major routes.

While Lincoln Park definitely has all the amenities its reputation suggests, take a closer look and you’ll see it has even more accessibility and variety than you’d expect—and it’s all the better for it.

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