If the massive water tower painted like the Swedish flag doesn’t tip you off, Andersonville was originally settled by farmers who were primarily from—you guessed it—Sweden.

Centered around the bustling intersection of Clark Street and Foster Avenue, Andersonville has grown well beyond its Scandinavian roots but still maintains its European heart. Community events and attractions like Midsommarfest and the Swedish American Museum keep the neighborhood connected to its history, but add in newer flavors from Italy, Africa, Belgium, the Middle East and more, it quickly becomes clear how the growing diversity in the area has made a great place even better.

In addition to a world of diverse ethnic dining, Andersonville features an array of restaurants that run the range from the quirky and casual, to critically acclaimed. Eclectic nightlife options include upscale classic cocktails, a dive bar with the best indie/alternative jukebox on the North Side, Sunday night Drag Bingo, and even a laundromat that may or may not be what it seems.

Add to that a wealth of upscale and eccentric shopping, from home goods to clothing to comic bookstores, and you’ve got a welcoming community that is perfect for residents as diverse as the neighborhood offerings.

Just nine miles north of downtown Andersonville is easy to get to from Lake Shore Drive, two different CTA Red Line stops, and plenty of buses crisscrossing through the main streets.

In a city of neighborhoods that can feel like culture-packed small towns, Andersonville is no exception. So, if you are looking for a vibrant neighborhood as hip as Logan Square but as chill as North Center, and just as connected to the city as anywhere else, then Andersonville may be your cup of tea…or glögg, as it were.


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