The name kind of gives it away, but yep. Edgewater is on the edge of…the lake! And while the neighborhood itself was originally built as a summer getaway for wealthy urban families, that high-class allure remained all the way through the Rat Pack era when stars like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra frequented the Edgewater Beach Hotel.

As a legacy, historic mansions nestle among the mid- and high-rise buildings that line the lakefront, but no matter where in Edgewater you live, everyone can take advantage of the amazing views from the neighborhood beaches. Chicago isn’t generally thought of as a beach town, and the locals are just fine keeping it that way. And, who wouldn’t love a couple of beaches right down the street where you can see the gorgeous skyline?

Edgewater is called home by a diverse and welcoming community, including one of the highest concentrations of LGBTQ+ people in the country. And the diversity extends to the neighborhood’s dining scene, as well, with options as varied as Ethiopian, Japanese, South American, and Thai to name just a few.

Whether by train via one of three CTA Red Line stops, by car via Lake Shore Drive, or by bike or foot via the 20-mile Lakefront Trail, Edgewater’s mix of ethnic dining options and eclectic shopping—from antique markets to used bookstores—is all within easy reach. In a neighborhood this full of history and variety, you never know what you’ll wander across in Edgewater.

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