Stephen was suggested to me by a mutual friend and I can say without a doubt that I am 100% happy with the work he put in helping me search for my new home. As it was my first time in the market, I was fairly nervous about the process and my prospects. Stephen took the time to help me be comfortable, never pressuring me to move on any particular property, making certain that not only did he understand what it was I might be looking for, but also that I understood what it was I wanted. It felt like he asked the right questions without ever leading me to a predetermined position, and tailored the search as we each learned more about what was out there and how my interests evolved accordingly. I would not hesitate to call Stephen again when I need the services he can provide and will absolutely recommend Stephen to anyone thinking about buying or selling. If for some reason I am unable to utilize Stephen in the future, my next agent will have an extremely difficult time living up to the expectations Stephen has set.

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