Stephen+Ryan were an absolute pleasure to work with! So incredibly knowledgeable, professional and completely organized on every front. They made expert recommendations but always made me feel like the ultimate decision was mine to make, no pressure at all. During my sale, there were some tricky moments dealing with my condo board, the inspector, buyer’s attorney, buyer’s financing/move in date, etc., and they dealt with each situation swiftly and gracefully. So well in fact, as to shield me from nearly all of the stress and mess of it all! Ryan called me at every turn to walk me through things and make sure I understood every bit of the process. Furthermore, the team of professionals they recommended to me–from the stager and painter to the real estate attorney were top-notch. Ultimately, they turned the process of selling–something that I thought would be a HUGE stress–into a blip on the radar of my daily life! Minimizing disruption by handling things beautifully–that’s the mark of a stellar realtor team! Biggest thanks for a successful sale!

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